Art Competition for the National Demo 2012

Graduate debts > £60k | Undergrad fees £9k | uncapped Postgrad and International fees rocketing

PhD stipends frozen | 79% cut to teaching budgets | millions unemployed | welfare support slashed

March against fees, debt, cuts and privatisation!

Government and universities are cutting education and research budgets, squeezing stipends, wages & pensions, while drowning us all in fees and personal debt. Courses and departments are being closed, universities privatised. This marketisation of education is worsening a tiered university system, keeping the rich rich and the poor poor.

Through workfare and unpaid internships, we work for nothing, to compete for jobs that don’t exist, while support for the poor, unemployed and disabled is cut.
University is a public good, and your life is too big to fail – don’t let them bury us in a mountain of debt. March on 21 November.

On November the 21st The Guild of Students intends to take 500 University of Birmingham students down to London.

As with the last National Demo the Guild organised, Demo shirts will be included in the price of the coach tickets however this year we are asking you to get involved in the design of these shirts and submit your designs for the national demo shirts 2012.Once we have recieved all the submissions we will weed out the unsuitable or unprintable submissions and create a shortlist thatall Guild members will be able to vote on. The winning design will be worn by 500 student protestors on the day of the demo.

Whether they are political satire, great quotes or just fantastic artwork you should send your designs to by the 23rd of October so that they can get printed in time for the campaigners to go doorknocking with in the weeks leading up to the demo on the 21st Nov 2012
We are leaving the design up to you but it should not be profane, it could possibly be defiant and it most certainly should be A4 sized and in black and white.

GOG have also assured that the shirts will be printed by a local ethical printers and at the moment it looks very likely that Sabcat, a great workers cooperative based in Walsall will be doing the printing on ethical shirts which is fantastic!
If you have any further questions about the submissions do feel free to email me and I’ll respond in good time so that you can get your design in.


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