Fight against the marketisation of Higher Education.

Reduce burglaries with Self locking PVC doors in Selly Oak

Work with the Green Bike Project for a better cycling environment in and around campus.

Promote Community Volunteering projects like Food cycle and the Monday Night Club.

Work to make the Guild bank ethically.

Campaign for a more fully democratic and transparent Guild of Students.

I will represent students at different levels of the university and guild to ensure that their voices are heard. I will help organise students within the University so that they are able to run campaigns, initiatives and projects for the issues they believe in.  I will use this position to highlight the importance of a Green Guild of Students which fights against the marketisation of Higher Education. I will ensure that Guild campaigns are properly advertised so that more students can get involved in them. I will ensure that the Guild caters properly for students who wish to attend marches and conferences outside of Birmingham by providing accessible transport, advertised well in advance.

I will develop a scheme with the VPHC and SHAC to make accredited landlords retrofit their plastic doors so that they are locked from the outside when closed. This would drastically reduce the number of burglaries occurring as all recent Selly Oak burglaries have been walk-ins not break-ins. This scheme is achievable and would save students and the community hundreds of thousands of pounds each year. I myself was the victim of a burglary which wouldn’t have happened if the door had locked when closed. The stress caused by having a laptop stolen during essay period could be avoided for lots of students with this preventative measure.

As the founder of the Green Bike Project, a project that recycles abandoned bicycles on campus, I am advocate for environmentally friendly forms of transport. I will use my position to promote bicycles as a viable and inexpensive form of transport. I’ll campaign for a safer junction on Edgbaston Park Road by the Tennis Courts and for a cycle path on Bristol Road. The University is currently investing lots in redevelopment and I will campaign for adequate cycling provisions to be made.

I will promote the brilliant volunteering opportunities in the community. These include Food Cycle who run a soup kitchen for homeless people and the Monday Night Club who look after people with disabilities. I will work alongside schemes and societies which exist within the wider community in Birmingham.

I will continue my campaign for greater student consultation on the Guilds financial investments. The Guild is our multi million pound institution, this collective pot of money is probably the biggest statement we have to make; it is undemocratic that students have no say in the bank that uses our money. The Guild currently Banks mainly with HSBC whilst there are other more ethical banking such as the COOP Bank who invest in renewable and community projects. The Guild has already invested a little in COOP and I will work towards moving the rest of our money into an ethically sound and financially stable Bank.

The Guild’s image has suffered this year because it hasn’t been transparent and the processes within it haven’t been democratic. I’ve been working on the campaign for a General Meeting because it is my belief that the Guild should be a democratic, student run organisation. The reasons for all decisions made and notes from all meetings should be made publicly available and easy to find.
In my position as Community Action Officer I will work towards these goals and will be as transparent and accountable as possible.

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